For Jane

In trying times of tribulation,
One needs some tiny chinks of light.

So, two Jane Chocolates every lunchtime,
And dreams about them every night!

They arrive, with hand-tied ribbon,
Hand-made paper on hand-made box.

Inside, a fragrance so divine....
Organic, Fair-Trade, hand-made chocs!

I'm amassing a collection
Of every varied, pretty box.

But, for this, I pay a price......
I have to chomp through lots of chocs!

Passionfruit and Champagne?
Food for spirit, soul and brain!

Cardamom and Ginger?
Oh, I could be a binge-r!

Cherry/Apple Eau de Vie?
How this hits the spot for me!

Prune d'Agen?  Lime and Basil?
Reach for these, whenever frazzled!

Spicy Damson? Lemon and Bay?
Limoncello and Earl Grey!

Orange and Grand Marnier?
As smooth as Michel Barnier!😉

Coffee and Somerset Brandy?
Always keep these nice and handy!

The flavours are so fabulous.
They quite defy description.

They are not sweets... They're medicine.....
They should be on prescription!

Are your taste-buds tingling yet?
I bet!  So, let me say:
"Go and Google Jane Swayne ...."!! 💚💚💚